Yesterday I was watching one of my favorite westerns from the 1960’s called The Big Valley and the episode in question was quite humerous. It had seemed that Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwick) and her son Jarrod (Richard Long) were stuck in a hayseed town where hotels rates were high and the food horrible.

Once home they were relating their experience to Nick Barkley (Peter Breck) and Victoria was remarking about the exciting reading material in her room at that town called “Ferns Are Our Friends” to which Nick took great pleasure and laughter. Yet it got me to thinking about all the ferns in the Manistee National Forest which surrounds our property.

I often use ferns to smoke our area to rid it of mosquitos, There is something about the smoke produced by ferns that repels those pesky insects. To that extent ferns have also become my friends. My husband Mike and I take many walks through that forest and almost every step is through ferns. They are everywhere. In the fall they become quite beautiful.

You might try repeating my title several times as I believe it makes for an excellent tongue twister. So, I do believe that ferns are my friends and maybe I would have liked to have read through that book that Victoria Barkely described.