Darlene and I swam yesterday at Lake Michigan just a few yards off M-116 which is the highway that runs between Ludington and Hamlin Dam. Each time I swim I like to pick out a new section to swim in and since there is a 7.1 mile area to choose from, I won’t be running out until my move to Indiana in September.

I’ll miss Lake Michigan most of all because it can’t be replicated. Your vista of the waters is neverending. I think I’ve said it before but this year it seems the lake has gone up from years past as there is less shoreline between the lake and the dunes than before.

Darlene and I brought along a couple of inner tubes to bob up and down on. It was a fairly wavy day so we got the best of what Lake Michigan has to offer. Darlene lasted only about twenty minutes and then left the lake to sun on the beach. When I come to the lake, I come to use it be it for jogging or swimming. I’ve even tried my hand at kayaking the lake but I won’t go into that dismal failure any time soon. Let’s just say that kayaks were made more for Michigan rivers than this grand lake.

And what about this view? Maybe I could bottle it when I move to Indiana?