Boating to Four Winds

It would be fun to take a leisurely boat ride around Four Winds Island in the summer by rowboat in the early morning to determine just how much of that island could be seen through he forest green. How many of its current buildings, from the days of Camp Martin Johnson, can be clearly seen from the lake. Or would a better time for that row be in the early spring or late fall?

Can you imagine landing on that island to take in the view? What would exploring those old buildings be like? If you were a former camper, what memories would come to flood your mind from the days long gone? I understand there is still some graffiti on the walls of those cottages yet to this day. What thoughts would come rushing into your mind as you viewed the thoughts of former campers? Perhaps you either knew them or you were the one posting that on the walls yourself?

You might be glad to know that with the exception of some new repairs, the island remains virtually untouched frrom the days of the camp. I would think former campers would have a field day fully exploring Four Winds. How about it?

10 thoughts on “Boating to Four Winds

  1. Looks like a cool place when you go by it and lots of history! But it is privately owned now…so hopefully everyone would respect that and not go exploring without the owners invitation!!


  2. I didn’t mean to accuse you of trespassing before. However, many of the pictures on here that were taken on the island were taken since my family bought it, back in 1980.


  3. I live in Indianapolis now and have not been up to our former property since 1997. It was sold n 2002. My original family name was Noreika and our property can be found in the category section under Noreika family. Many residens of BBL send me pictures which I then post.


  4. You might want to consider exploring our Category section on the sidebar. I used our property for many Boys Club of America trips during the 1970’s and 80’s. There are over 1000 articles on this site along with about eleven pages (top of site). Waiting in line are posts scheduled all the way through August of 2012.


  5. In the majority of the pictures taken, my husband & I have painted all of those buildings within the last 12 years. If the dock on 4 Winds Isle have a couple of boats tied up to them, then those pictures were taken some time after 1985.


  6. In Pentwater today, had hoped to see the ghost of CMJ tomorrow… Thanks for this blog even though you are retiring, and thanks to those who bought Four Winds for maintaining it


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