Scottville Park


On Sunday my wife and I like to visit the Scottville, Michigan, park at least twice a month for a picnic. Fried Chicken is the usual fare along with potato salad, cole slaw, and iced tea. If I’m extemely lucky there are some brownies in there as well. I like this park because it is so serene and beautiful. During the early summer storms picnics would have had to been underwater as the park was swamped.

Scottville itself is a small town but long on charm. I consider it my home town even though I live about five miles away. My wife was raised even closer to town than I was. To me there is no greater state than Michigan and I have lived here all my life. There is always something to do in this locale be it swimming, hiking, hunting, biking, and, oh yes, picnics/

My wife likes wading in the river while I fish. She is allergic to hooks so she stays well away from my fishing line. I wear waders so I can get into the river and get a better feel for what I am doing. The one draw back to catching the fish is that I also have to clean them as my wife was never geared to do something like that. She’ll cook and eat them but not clean them. What would we ever do without this park on Sunday?

By the way, even in the fall while the weather is still nice, I take my wife here to picnic on Sunday even if the Detroit Lions are playing. I think my wife catches more passes than they do.

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