The Haunted Island and House

What made Big Bass Lake somewhat unique, from say, Little Bass Lake, is that it had five islands to it. The most intriguing of the lot was what I termed the Haunted Island on the southern side of the lake and just off our property. It lay about a quarter mile off our camping beachfront. Pictured in red was our camping area on our wooded beach and you can observe the old forested haunted island not that far away.

The legend of the island you see here is that a man and woman lived in the old house that was in the center of this island. You can only reach this island by boat and the woman, it is said, could not swim a lick. The husband used the rowboat to get supplies leaving her and their dog there alone. When he returned he found an arrow through the dog and no sign of his wife.

Around this house that is found in a clearing is what appears to be several burial mounds just to its north. Since the woman couldn’t swim the husband searched for days without finding her. Even now strange sounds come from that island which some say are only loons crying out. Yet for others they believe that woman still walks that island by night searching for her husband.

On camping trips to our property I always took a trip to that island at midnight on the spookiest night for ghost stories around that house. It was usually the highpoint of the trip for the kids. I will have more on this island in the future. At the time of our trips there it was forest from front to back and side to side with only that singular house in the middle of the island. A rickity pier was in the middle of that island.

When I was a kid there seemed to be another house on the southern tip of that island but it was long gone when we camped up there in the 1970’s.

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