Ever Stormy Lake Michigan

This would NOT be a good day to take a walk out to the Ludington Lighthouse at Lake Michigan as the waves are pounding the breakwater. It IS a good day to view the full fury of Lake Michigan and this post will attempt to drive home that point to you with a few pictures of this very same area.

Again the waves are literally pounding the breakwater. I have seen large boats washed up on this breakwater at times from those that are ever so foolish to attempt the lake at this time. I like to jog along the shoreline of Lake Michigan at these times but must confess that at times the wind sets the sand to fly and it is biting against the face.

I have even seen fishermen dare fate and walk onto this breakwater in high seas. The only thing they catch is stupidity for so doing.

This storm typifies what I am talking about. Just look at the force of those waves against the lighthouse and how high they are? If you look closely at this wave just to the left of the lighthouse you can almost visualize one eye of a wolf with the rest of his body colored black.

Great storms to watch but only on shore. Thoughts?

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