It seemed like on almost every boys club trip to Big Bass Lake we spent a part of each day at the Big Bass Lake store. We arrived by way of either Big Bass Lake Road on a hike or on Big Bass Lake via rowboats. The kids would either buy soda pop, candy, or comic books. Some liked the Big Bass Lake area post cards and would mail some info home.

My drink of choice in those days was Squirt as it seemed to refresh the best. After days of trail pack foods and other canned foods the kids always looked forward to going to “Otto’s” store. He was always considerate and warm to the kids. Lest I forget ice cream bars was another favorite of the boys.

I think the only days we didn’t get to the store was if we were on a trip to either Ludington or the Lake Michigan Recreational Area. But decisions were hard to come by each day for those boys as to how they planned to spend their money