Picnic at Lake Michigan

A couple of friends of mine and I were down at Lake Michigan at Ludington a few days ago and the beach was packed with more sun bathers than swimmers. Still this is about the time of year I take my first dip into the cold waters of Lake Michigan. About this time they warm up about as much as they are going to warm up. My friends were there to just sun.

I swam for about an hour and even engaged in a game of tag with a few youngsters and their beach ball. It was great fun as the water really felt refreshing.

Once back with the girls they were already breaking into the picnic lunch of fried chicken, potato salad, and lemonade. After a hearty lunch and some girl talk, I returned to sunning and that warm sun felt really good. It’s so nice to live just a half hour from this beach. In about another week, the swimmers will outnumber the sun bathers.

As for today, the children were largely found in the lake with the parents supervising them from shore. The beach lifeguard also kept a constant vigil on the kids. What a fantastic day for a picnic!

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