The L-O-N-G Hike Out to the Ludington Breakwater

I’ve provided you with a great many “looks” at the Ludington Breakwater in stormy seas, but this one in particular shows you how wide this breakwater is. You could almost drive a jeep down it. This portion is just after the turn due west. It is quite a hike but not so long in calm waters.

The trick is navigating this piece of cement during choppy seas. I don’t even try it in high waves as some do to their own peril. Water then is splashed across this breakwater with almost every passing wave.

There are large rocks to each side of this breakwater and diving off it is restricted even though some do anyway. In high surf some boats have even found themselves stuck on this breakwater almost as if they were using it as a springboard to get to the other side. There are some pictures of that elsewhere on BBL and Beyond.

I just marvel at the length of this breakwater which takes you to the very end of Ludington Harbor and is the last vantage point to bid farewell to ferry boats leaving the harbor.

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