M-116 Trails of Sand and Trees

Aside from running along the shores of Lake Michigan, I like to do what few others do and that is take walks to the east of M-116. Most people park their cars along M-116 and head for their own private beach but I like to go the other way at times and explore the sand and trees that seem to go on forever.

Between Ludington and Hamlin Dam is a 7 mile stretch of M-116 where this can be done. I always like to keep Lake Michigan in view as a bearing to where I am as one could get lost in this wasteland quite easily especially when going up and down dunes.

After a great deal of hiking and exploring I then like to also head into Lake Michigan for a refreshing swim before returning home. Even today it is possible to run into a bear in that area as they have returned to the Ludington area so to be on the safe side, I always take my two huskie dogs with me when hiking that area. Besides, Frick and Frack enjoy it almost as much as I do.

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