Big Bass Lake Just Off Of Our Pier

From our pier on Big Bass Lake that is what you would find in your eyes view to the north. That little jot out into the lake of land blocks you from observing our beach camping area. What is in plain evidence is the frequent lilly pads that dot the lake close in to shore. Frogs can be heard a croaking from many of those pads throughout the day but mostly at dusk when the lake quiets down from all the speedboats.

From that piece of land that protrudes out into the lake a tad you would have to travel about a quarter of a mile to find our forested beach. That area has a sand bottom for about a hundred yards all the way down to what we call “The Point”.

If you glance southward from our pier you can observe the fairly new Public Landing which is really a blot on your view. It once was the dock area for Frank Benish’s property. He had a rather long dock that passed through a small marshy area.

Also from our pier you could observe the small bridge that led to one of the islands that many have cottages upon. On our little boat house we had a mirror that one could easly observe from that bridge sort of as a homing device from that point of the lake.

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