Autumn Dining Meant Deer Meat and Carrot Juice

I didn’t have the opportunity of spending many Autumns at Big Bass Lake because my grandmother was always heading south for the winter to stay with my Aunt Barb in Enterprise, Alabama. Our family helped her get to Wabash, Indiana, from the farm but as I recall I only went on that trip twice. I never got to explore our property due to hunting season being in place and my dad told me the woods would be a most dangerous place at that time.

I did get the chance to row out on the lake and see scenes such as the one featured in our photograph today. Perhaps I was more fortunate than I thought as scenes like this are also reflected on the lake making the color doublely delicious. Plus the lake at this time of the year has few speedboats on it so you almost have the lake to yourself.

My supper that evening was venison and carrot juice as my grandmother served what she had left to serve. I supplimented some water after that carrot juice. For Breakfast we had the last of the Sugar Crisp and then we were on our way south back to Indiana

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