The Sandy Roads of the Manistee National Forest

Whenever Mike and I take a drive down the seemigly endless sandy roads of Manistee, Wexford, Lake, or Mason counties, I prefer taking a detailed map so that we can find out where we are at all times. Both Mike and I opt for the sandy roads over those that are blacktopped because the traffic is almost nil on those roads. In fact, on some of those roads that we find, that is a good thing as two cars would be hard pressed to find room to be on the same road due to how narrow they are.

A detailed map is a must to learn where we are as many of these sandy roads have crossroads that are also sandy. But all these roads are within the confines of the Manistee National Forest and one side benefit I get from our travels is having Mike wash our car once home. It is often coated with dust after our travels. Picnic lunches are a must and we stop wherever our heart desires and just eat off the side of the road. There are no grills or anything like that as we just ruugh it wherever we are.

My favorite county to find these sandy roads is Wexford County with Lake County a close second. Our travels don’t take us on these roads in winter as they are rarely plowed out. So spring, summer, and fall are our seasons of choice. During the winter we take our twin snowmobiles down some of these roads in our county of Mason.

The scenery may always be nearly the same but it is a trip that we both look forward to at least twice a month. After all, there are so many of these sandy roads to choose from!

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