The Norris and Baugh Children Plus Sam

From left to right in this photograph are my sister Treva (the oldest), my sister Susie, our cousin John Baugh from Enterpise, Alabama, and son of my father’s sister, Barbara, then me with our Beagle dog, Sam, on my lap, and finally, my youngest sister, Kathy. This picture was taken at our home in Wabash, Indiana, and, with the exception of John and Sam, all are still living.

Treva and I still live in Indiana while Kathy is living in Kentucky and Susie lives in Alabama. Our family changed the name from Noreika to Norris in the 1940’s to sound more American which, at that time, made it easier to seek work. My father was the first to do so followed by Barb and Beth (his sisters) and finally by my Uncle Joe. My grandmother kept the original name as should we all have in my opinion.

My father, and all of his siblings, died in the order of their birth which was unique. Of my father’s family, only my dad’s brother’s wife still is living and Aunt Mary lives in Seattle, Washington. Merry Christmas from the family Norris!

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