Quickie Pies From The Big Bass Lake Store


With all the emphasis on pie recipes lately, I have to say that pies were also a favorite of the kids that came to our property. But Hostess played the key here. The Big Bass Lake Store was where the kids stocked up on their favorite pies for snack times later in the day or even on a hike.

Here they could find peach, apple, blueberry, and cherry pies along with several other flavors. I have to admit that I enjoyed them too. The only recipe these boys needed was on how to unwrap their pastries in order to gobble them down.

The Big Bass Lake Store was a favorite place for the kids to go for their snacks and soda pop which gave them a break from Trail Pack foods that we used at our family wooded beach. However the boys did learn to make their own jelly once to top off cattail pancakes and that flavor was blackberries that they gathered themselves from our blackberry bushes just off Noreika Road.

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