How Did YOU Feel When the Walls Came a Tumbling Down?

About seven months after leaving the Hoffman Estates Boys Club for one in Joplin, Missouri, I learned that my old club had been reduced to ruble. I knew something was up three months after I left for Thea Grundle, a Hoffman Estates newspaper reporter, contacted me by phone in Joplin informing me that a partition had been started by parents of my former club in order to get me to return. She asked my reaction to that.

I told Thea that I was quite happy in Joplin and that even if I were to consider coming back, my former Board of Directors would not have allowed that as they had already hired a new Director for the club.  He was a former games room supervisor for the Cicero, Illinois,, Boys Club.  Thea told me that was part of the problem as instead of working daily with the boys he was practicing his rock band in the gymnasium.  Two board members had found that out two or three months after hiring him and he was fired. 

The local United Way broke off funding for the Hoffman Estates Boys Cub and soon the Village of Hoffman Estates, who had rented us that facility for a dollar a year, chose to tear the club down.

I often wonder how the boys of Hoffman Estates took that?  How did they feel as the wrecking ball reduced their place of fun to ruble?  Perhaps some of those kids could let me know by way of a comment?

2 thoughts on “How Did YOU Feel When the Walls Came a Tumbling Down?

  1. Dave, never told me that story! If we had consulted on it, would have probably encouraged you to reconsider.
    The Best,


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