The Hoffman Estates Boys Club SuperStars

The Hoffman Estates Boys Club hosted Union League Boys Club I in a SuperStars program event in July of 1978. Eight events were held followed by a hot dog roast. The team events were soccer, three man basketball, bubbleball, and flag football. The best of five single events were Roof Ball, Paddleball, Pool, and Frisbee Golf.

In the three on three Basketball game Union League defeated Hoffman Estates 45 to 39 while in Flag Football Hoffman Estates edged Union League 21-19. Soccer was easily won by Union League 5-1 while the Hoffman Estates club defeated Union League in Bubbleball (a combination of baseball and dodgeball) 12-2. With each team winning two games apiece in the team competition, each club prepared for the individual events of a best of five series.

Hoffman Estates won the Frisbee Golf matches 4-1 and Paddleball 5-0. Union League took the Eight-Ball Pool event 3-2 in a closely fought battle. In Roof Ball the Hoffman Estates boys defeated Union League 4-1 taking the overall event with 5 wins to 3 victories for Union League. After nearly seven hours of events the day capped off with awards for team and individual honors plus a hot dog roast on the large softball field behind the club.

Union League was introduced to some new sports in Bubbleball, Roof Ball, Frisbee Golf, and Paddleball with the latter being the most popular by the visiting team. It was a great day of fun and good competition.

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