A Pier on Sauble Lake


As I’ve mentioned before the Benish family had a cottage on Sauble Lake which I swam at once. Yet this pier in this photograph is rather impressive wouldn’t you say? It is easy to tell where beginning swimmers had to stay. If you were an avid fisherman that dock had many vantage points to fish from.

I don’t know a whole lot about Sauble Lake other than the Fun Spot was located just across the street from it. Any Sauble Lake residents out there that would like to enlighten us with more information about your lake? As I understand it there is actually a series of about five lakes. Are there any channels that connect all these lakes?

3 thoughts on “A Pier on Sauble Lake

  1. Dave, I have been going up to the Sauble lakes and Big Bass area since the mid 70’s. All 4 of the Sauble lakes are connected, boats can get lakes 2-4, but you can only get a canoe or kayak from #2 to #1. My parents bought property on #2 in 1978, my dad and his parents had been coming up in the area since the late 40’s. I know the Utter family had alot of history in the Sauble lakes area, there is a road named Utter that runs between 5 mile and 6 mile roads, it runs between Sauble Lakes #1 and #2.


  2. My family is renting a cabin for a small family reunion this summer. Any news on the fishing and swimming there? We are gonna be staying at the “farmhouse?”

    Thanks and have a great summer!!


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