The Pond on Our Property

Just off Noreika Road and our old logging trail was a trail that led to Matson Road behind the swamp that surrounded our wooded beachfront.  The Marion Boys Club discovered that pathway on one of their trips to our property and its initial impact on them was enormous.  It was at twilight on a foggy night and when they first encountered this pond, its overhanging branches looked like ghostly specters.

Our two photographs display it from an aerial perspective but it is the one on the ground that is most interesting.  Our property has trails that exit onto Matson Road in various places but this one is the shortest in distance.  However this pond appears invisible from the road with only a short hill between it and our forest.  The kids fully explored this area on that trip and some even tried fishing te pond but with no success.  On this particular trip the pond seemed the largest that I had ever seen it as the amount of rainfall that spring must have swelled its size. 

Trips with other boys clubs largely ignored this pond even though they used that trail.  It just proves that how on some trips particular parts of our property caught the attention of the kids eyes more than others.

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