The Mansions of Big Bass Lake

Yes, there are now mansions found on Big Bass Lake. The gray home is on our former property and currently up for sale for nearly a million dollars after only being owned for about five years. It comes complete with an eight vehicle garage. One has to wonder why they are selling after only living there five years?

The second home is on the former property of Camp Martin Johnson and even include a crows nest at the top of the home to explore the fullness of Big Bass Lake. This home is even larger than our first one and also is on the shores of Big Bass Lake.

This is just a sampling of some of the more exquisite homes found on Big Bass Lake. Our former cottage stands as a dwarf compared to them. Many of these large homes are just summer cottages as there are few year round residents found on the lake. Being off he main roads by about twenty miles, one can get snowed in during the winter quite easily and the back roads into these homes are probably the last ones shoveled.

If you have a million or so dollars to spare in this economy you might want to consider one of these homes as they are both trying to find new owners. It would make for a perfect summer home from someone from the deep south.

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