The Reynolds Cottage and Land

The cottage you see in the distance is the Reynolds homestead. Darlene and I have lived here for almost thirty years and our property begins at the fence line. This access road drifts around our land and to two other cottages before it ends in a dead end circular drive. It is located northeast of Scottville, Michigan, but its precise location will remain a secret because, unlike Dave Norris’s former family property, this one is still ours and I don’t want a lot of people searching for where we live.

Darlene and I live here with our two huskies, Frick and Frack. I had to put up a fence due to the intrusion of snowmobilers on our land and four wheel vehicles which sometimes took the shortcut around our land by going through it. The fenced in area contains Darlene’s beloved vegetable and flower garden. Just behind our cottage is our modest orchard with both apple and cherry trees and a long vine of grapes.

Our home has a wonderful kitchen for Darlene to cook her marvelous home made pies plus a large dining area and living room complete with a fireplace, a necessity in Michigan. The upstairs consists of a loft bedroom for the two of us. Each of us have our own den for our private work.

My good friend Ben lives just a half mile past us and the two of us have taken many a canoe trip on the area rivers. Since the state of Michigan does not plow our road in the winter it made sense to purchase two snowmobiles which we use for our vehicle of choice throughout most of the winter. Since Dave has shown you his former property, I thought an apt Christmas gift to all of you would be to learn a little about our digs. Merry Chistmas!

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