The Sky’s on Fire at Big Bass Lake

On a trip to our property with the Salesian Boys Club it largely rained for the entire trip. But there was one sunset in particular that made it appear as if the sky was on fire. The boys seemed very impressed with the many colors of red, yellow, and orange that seemed to overlap one with the others.

Hints of blackness began to merge with the other colors and we must have watched that sunset for nearly an hour with nary a complaint.  Mike Jones couldn’t believe he fullness of all the colors.  It was near spectacular to say the least.  For that one evening, at least for the moment, the rain had ceased so the boys began hanging out their wet clothes on the clothes lines around camp.

Only one full day out of the seven we were thee had no rain at all yet the boys never complained.  Fortunately there was little lightning with all that rain so normal activities took place.  After all when you go swimming you’re going to get wet anyways.  Even so, this is one sunset that those boys will never forget.

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