Was Keith Hansel Possessed at The Haunted Island?

The Marion Boys Club made a visit to the Haunted Island on a stormy night. Ghost stories were told once there and we even looked at the burial mounds just north of the Haunted House. Outside of a little wind at times nothing spectacular happened there. Or so we thought.

I took many pictures on this trip and especially of the Haunted Island and House.  Several pictures of individual boys were taken by that house.  However it wasn’t until we were back in Marion, Indiana, that things started to develop. I showed the boys the many pictures that I had taken and the one of Keith Hansel showed his eyes flaring red and glancing upwards.  Unfortunately, that pictures was lost in a fire.  But it appeared as if Keith had been possessed by the spirits of that island.

That one picture had the most conversation around it and the boys could not understand why it was just Keith’s picture that had that red-eye effect.  Was it merely photographic red eye or something more?  Sometimes strange things happen at that Haunted Island and this was one of them!

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