The Little Manistee River

The Little Manistee River is about as cold as Lake Michigan with a very quick current. Once one of the kids on a trip I was on in that area caught a large turtle that swam right between the boys legs. He kept it on a makeshift lease and we brought it back to Big Bass Lake where he kept it in the lake yet still on the leash.

He took that turtle back home with him to Marion, Indiana, and I will never forget his mother’s reaction when he told her about the turtle he had caught. I’m sure she expected a small turtle that would fit in a goldfish bowl. “Get that monster out of here!” Fortunately for the turtle he was donated to the Marion Park Zoo that day and they were more than glad to take it in.

You just never know what you might find in the Little Manistee River. Next time we go there a story about freshly caught fish on the bank.

One thought on “The Little Manistee River

  1. Dear David,
    I’m researching information about the Little Manistee River and its historical impact on Elk Township.  I’m looking for personal anecdotal material about people interacting with the river and any “impact” it has had on their personal lives, especially as it relates to Elk Twp early history and our early inhabitants.  I believe that many Bass Lk. visitors may have also accessed the Little Manistee or have information about it from family members.  My focus is on the section of river located in Elk Twp. between Johnson Bridge and 18 Mile Bridge.  I plan to use this material as part of a publication for the Elk Twp. Historical Soc. due to be printed this summer.  An appeal to your readers with a request to email me with an information would be greatly appreciated.  If you prefer not to use your website for this appeal, I do understand.  I enjoy reading the historical information on your website provided by those with a knowledge of Bass Lk.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Joyce Durdel, Elk Twp. Email:

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