There is absolutely nothing in this world that can top swimming in the waves of Lake Michigan as I have been doing it for years. I live within 15 miles of Ludington, Michigan, and so have easy access to the lake. Yes, I am also one of those nuts that swims in the dead of winter at the local Polar Bears Club although I must confess that I don’t look as forward to that as I do my summer swims.

I especially enjoy swimming on windy days as that is when the waves are at their peak and you can even get in some body surfing. The best time for swimming in Lake Michigan, in my humble opinion,is between June 15 to Labor Day and even a little later in some years. I’ve ever surf boarded a few times in really great waves and there is nothing like that at all.

In Ludington one has the chance to select his own stretch of beach because there is nearly seven miles of it so one can almost get as private a spot as they desire. I also jet ski on occassion but usually on Round Lake which I prefer over that of Lake Michigan. The water is my hobby and I love every minute of it.