What A Revolting Development This Is!

Now, I expect to see cottages popping up on the many lakes that make up this region, but I begin to draw the line with the multitude of homes going up on the banks of the Little Manistee River. True wilderness areas are giving way to these cottages and i don’t like it one bit. It’s just that you can’t seem to go for more than a mile at a time to see the wilderness giving way to civilization.

I don’t mind those cabins up atop a hill but right on the river itself?  Pretty soon the rivers of the Manistee National Forest will be cottage to cottage just like the lakes are already.  So where does one go to get away from the cities?  The only remote places will be within the deepness of the forest. 

Some call this getting back to nature but I would say why not a tent instead of a cottage?  Yes, William Bendix of The Life of Riley no longer has a patent on his immortal line  What a Revolting Development This Is! 

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