This is another angle of Big Bass Lake from the north side of the lake. The interesting thing about the north side of the lake is that one finds the deepest and shallowest part of the lake. Here the Sunken Island is found with a harbor of boats surrounding it. From the shore that must be quite the sight as most would think it to be the perfect place for fishing for so many boats to be near it.

The deepest part of the lake is also on the north side and it measures about 40 feet deep there. The north side seemed to have its share of resorts too over the years from the Dinty Moore Resort to the current Grant’s Resort. Anyone know much about the latter?

The shoreline here is packed with cabins and cottages alike. Turtle and Four Winds Islands are also found on the north side of the lake. Of the latter there are four buildings, all from the days of Camp Martin Johnson, still standing and they are used by the present owner, albeit very primitive living. None are suitable for winter living.

Any other comments about the north side of the lake are most welcome.