Two modes of transportation are found here. The pontoon boat is for the father and the paddle boat for the son. Each has Their own docking bay. I wonder if they could go out onto Big Bass Lake all by themselves?

Pontoon: I could go out by myself and have a grand time but my boy could not keep up with me.

Paddleboat:  Who would want too?  I can go in places you can’t like under the bridge to the Big Island.  You couldn’t fit!

Pontoon:  How dare you say such  thing.  I could to fit if I wanted to go under that bridge but I’d rather go around that island.

Paddleboat:  You’re not only too wide but also too tall.

Pontoon:  Insolence!  I might have to paddle your behind.

Paddleboat:  As if you could fit in me.  If you can’t fit under that bridge you’d never get in me.

Pontoon:  I don’t get no respect!  You are to respect your elders.

Paddleboat:  Just because you were made five years before me doesn’t mean a thing to me.  It’s like you think we’re related.

Pontoon:  But you’re my son!

Paddleboat:  Just because I’m parked next to you doesn’t make you my father.  Besides i have the preferred parking space.

Pontoon:  Have not!  Have not!

Paddleboat:  And I don’t get gas like you do.

Pontoon:  Well pardon my petro tank!  I’ve got a good mind to bump into you when next we’re on the lake together.

Paddleboat:  The lake is sheriff patrolled.  I’d hate to see you get busted for abusing me.

Pontoon:  You little whelp.  I think I’m going to ask my master to beach you.

Paddleboat:  But then ‘Id be the son of a beach!  And it would serve you right! 

Wow!  Talking boats!  What will they think of next on Big Bass Lake?