Keith’s Pre-Camping Prayer

Prayer is a good thing to do on a camping trip and I often prayed with the boys prior to bedtime. We even talked about God often around the campfire. But young Keith once shared with me his pre-camping prayer that he had with God before his first ever trip to our property in Michigan.

1.  Keith prayed for safety for all the kids going on that particular trip.

2.  He prayed that the Haunted Island wouldn’t be too scary.

3.  He prayed for good weather.

4.  He prayed that the fish would be biting.

5.  He prayed for safety down the Bloody Antler Trail.

6.  He prayed that all the food would be cooked to his satisfaction.

7.  He prayed that his tent would not leak nor would there be any severe storms.

8.  He prayed for swimming and boating safety on Big Bass Lake.

9.  And, he prayed that the trip there and back would not be too boring.

Get this!  All of his prayer requests came out A-okay! 

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