Stay Away From This “Paw”

I know that we all have pa’s in our lives but here is one paw that you don’t want showing up on your property. Yes, there are a number of critters that pass your way almost daily like squirrels, raccoons, possum, deer, and rabbits, but this is one track I wouldn’t want to find on my back lawn.

Still bears are getting more common in the Big Bass Lake area considering how deep the forest is in and around the lake. The Manistee National Forest is vast and just behind the lake in almost any direction are vast acres of this national forest. Bears are increasing in number and are also becoming more bold, especially when food is lacking to them.

This is another close up and blown up picture of a bear’s paw that was seen near the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake. So make sure your garbage is in a secure as possible location. And, just be careful out there when hiking in the woods!

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