The Fisherman and The Fish

Have you ever heard from a fish? No, the one on Barney Miller won’t do. How about a bass fish from Big Bass Lake and his take on the fisherman just above him?

“That poor shnook thinks he’s going to get me into his fry pan tonight. For one thing, he’s using stale worms. What sense is it to take a live worm and then drown it the very next second? When’s he going to bait his hook with some cheese!? Not that stinky limburger cheese either. How about some nice peanut butter cause then maybe he’d catch a JELLYFISH!

What’s that guy reading anyway? It looks like Fishing Made Easy. Ha! It’s certain that one of my kind didn’t write that garbage. You know, maybe I should lead him over to Turtle Island cause then maybe he could catch something that he could eat! If nothing else, maybe I could get someone to cast him in “Hook”? You know, he doesn’t handle that boat real well either. He almost lost that oar in the drink. Maybe he’s trying to paddle me?

I think he’s given up cause his boat is heading for the public landing and I thought I heard him say something about ordering a fish dinner at Nah-Ta-Ka. That’s about the only thing he can catch except maybe a cold or a few mosquito bites. Oh, well, let’s see who else I can pick on somewhere in Big Bass Lake”.

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