Alice Lake is only 16 acres and when we first bought our property we had a real nice perch population in it 10-12 inches in size. Over the years the numbers of these perch had greatly diminished to the point where we don’t catch them any more.

Two years ago I was fishing off my pontoon boat and I saw a Pike approximately 3′ long cruise past our boat. Now I understood what had happened to all our perch. Since that time I have tried various methods of getting that fish out of there but no luck. I am afraid the only way is going to be for someone that knows how to spear fish do it during the winter. I hope there is only one of these monsters in there but there may be more.

If anyone wants access to the lake through my property please give them my phone number or email address and ask them to contact me for permission to cross my property to access the lake.. For anyone that enjoys pike or wants a nice trophy to put on their wall this is the fish. For me it belongs anywhere but in a 16 acre lake. This lake is simply too small to support that type of predator.