The Monster of Alice Lake by Ed Hawks


Alice Lake is only 16 acres and when we first bought our property we had a real nice perch population in it 10-12 inches in size. Over the years the numbers of these perch had greatly diminished to the point where we don’t catch them any more.

Two years ago I was fishing off my pontoon boat and I saw a Pike approximately 3′ long cruise past our boat. Now I understood what had happened to all our perch. Since that time I have tried various methods of getting that fish out of there but no luck. I am afraid the only way is going to be for someone that knows how to spear fish do it during the winter. I hope there is only one of these monsters in there but there may be more.

If anyone wants access to the lake through my property please give them my phone number or email address and ask them to contact me for permission to cross my property to access the lake.. For anyone that enjoys pike or wants a nice trophy to put on their wall this is the fish. For me it belongs anywhere but in a 16 acre lake. This lake is simply too small to support that type of predator.

6 thoughts on “The Monster of Alice Lake by Ed Hawks

  1. Ed,
    I recently bought retirement property on Alice Lake. I was advised at the time that it was a fairly decent fishing (pan fish) lake. Now I see a pike is eating all my retirement fish! If you have time, please let me know at my email address ( what the fishing is like on Alice Lake. Thanks,


  2. Dan, I may have met you. Are you the one building the log cabin on Alice Lake? Anyway yes when we bought in 2000 it was excellent for Bass between 12 and 16 inches and decent size bluegill and nice 12 inch perch. The fishery is still doing fine with the exception of the perch. Almost extinct. I hear that pike like them and it all makes sense now after I saw that three foot lunker two springs ago. I already contacted the DNR as as one could expect there were a bit too busy to give anything other than a computer generated response about how my consern was important to them. As far as I know there is a legal season for spearing. I just don’t have time to sit around in a shanty with a sucker tied to a string waiting for this thing to happen by just to throw a spear and miss it.


  3. Hi Ed we are purchasing the trailer on lot 17 is there anything you can tell us about it? also i love fishing and i will get that monster! hopr to see you around


  4. Dave, I never saw this post but just stumbled across it accidentally. I don’t have my Timber Shores Estates lot map so I don’t know which trailer you are talking about becuase I am not sure which lot is 17. We’ve been up there since 2000 so I should be able to give you some history on it. As far at the monster I think the best chance of getting it would be with a spear through the ice. We GOT to get that thing out of there. Alice Lake used to have a bunch of nice 12″ perch in it. All gone……


  5. Hi Ed thanks for responding we are the trailer on the north side west side next to the travel trailer. we should be heading up there in a week or two to get it opened up, lots of clean up and will have to get the dock repaired. if you see us there stop by, kids want to know hows the swimming? will i need to make a swim platform? how deep is the water on that side? is there a place to put in a row boat (big hill by are place) by the way we are from holland if you want you can email me at


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