I think the Marion YMCA boys were the only group that ever hiked the phone line area from start to finish on our property during a trip to Michigan. We started on our family farm field just north of Big Bass Lake Road West and actually spent the first part of that hike crossing our farm field. We entered the forest near Lost Lake which was to our right.

Mark Aldefer noted that the majority of that hike was in the open sun with little shade offered.  As we walked that initial trail within the forest we passed another open field of tall grass to our right which included our blackberry bushes. 

Just past that area we crossed over Noreika Road named after my grandparents.  The forest on each side of the phone lines deepened at that point until we reached the area of the swamps.  That junction point was also where we met our old logging trail and another trail that ran along the creek on our property. 

In that area the logging trail continued but from that point it moved to our left.  We continued on through a lot of scrub brush to Big Bass Lake Road North.  Butch Thomas said that the hike was unspectacular and suggested we take the Matson Road trail back to Big Bass Lake and then cut over to the logging trail on a path just short of the lake.

This hike made the boys quite sweaty and that is probably why it was so unpopular.  The boys preferred our woodland trails to that of the more open phone lines which cut our property in half.