The Choppy Waters of the Narrows

The narrows of Big Bass Lake are difficult to navigate by way of a rowboat when the north wind blows. Here you can visualize the wavy waters of the lake and any rowing from south to north is quite difficult. It was just that way with the Marion YMCA boys on a trip thee in the 1970’s.

From just north of The Big Island to the Twin Islands (Four Winds and Turtle Islands) is an area known as The Narrows.  It is in this location where rowboating becomes a chore especially going south to north.  Whitecaps are often found on the lake in this area and it’s almost like following a speedboats wake the entire time. 

When the boys rowed it seemed like we were getting nowhere fast so I took over at the helm, so to speak, and we began making progress.  I let the boys row on the trip back when the wind was with them.  Our destination was the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake and once we were east of the Twin Islands the lake became quite easy to navigate. 

One thing is certain and that is that the Narrows can sure become a good exercise program for the back and shoulders.  Try it sometime!

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