This is what our property shoreline looked like near the Pointe. To the left of this picture out of sight was our wooded beachfront. Just behind that is where our boys club kids pitched their tents and dug our two fire pits.  There was much wood to gather in this location.  The boys learned how to use the hatchet and axe to cut down dead trees and glean from them their wood for the fire.

Not far into this location is where we put our latrine with a tarp to cover the front end facing Big Bass Lake.  To the right of this picture is our Pointe where we had a secondary beach area complete with tire swing,  At times a tent for the older boys was pitched at that location. 

As you can see the whole area was under a great canopy of trees and even when it rained precious few drops hit us very hard.  This area was a great location for all of our camping trips with either YMCA’s or Boys Clubs of America.