Scottville Clown Marching Band


Even though I don’t live directly in Scottville, my wife and I consider that our local town and are quite proud that the Scottville Clown Band is in our community as it puts Scottville, Michigan, on the map. The Clown Band has been at it since 1903 which is a considerable timeframe. Largely, the Clown Band performs in the State of Michigan.

Scottsville, itself, is located in Mason County and is the little sister of Ludington, the beach resort town some ten miles to the west. The town has about 1,200 residents but, of the band, only about 40 live in this area.

The band is made up of just about every profession that you can name and they come from all over the country and that speaks well of Scottsville. Other states that have members in our Clown Band are Florida (the winter state of Michigan), North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Kansas, New York, California, and Texas. That’s some distance to travel for some of those states! Can you imagine the travel aspects in regard to the band practice schedule?

If you’re ever in the Scottsville area look up more information on the Clown Band and, if you’re lucky, they may even be marching in a parade that very day in Scottville!

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