My Uncle Joe Norris passed away just over a year ago and he was my father’s brother. The Noreika siblings all died in order of their birth with my day passing away first in 1973, Aunt Barb in 1991, Aunt Beth in 2002, and Uncle Joe in 2008.

My cousins Craig and Mark I met only once and that was at the family farm in Michigan when we were kids. Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary (still living) lived in Seattle, Washington, making family reunions rather difficult.

I remember going swimming at our beach with both Craig and Mark but not much else. As cousins go they were almost strangers to myself and my three sisters. We better knew our cousin John, the son of Barb and Willie Baugh who lived in Enterprise, Alabama. At the time we were living in Wabash, Indiana, which was a yearly stopping over place for Aunt Barb and her family enroute to the farm in Michigan.

I think Craig still lives in the Seattle area while Mark lives in London, Great Britain.

In the early 1980’s I got to spend some quality time with Uncle Joe when he was at the farm the same time as Barb and Willie along with Aunt Beth who resided there in the summer. He and I spent a great deal of time talking and hiking in our forest that summer. I miss his smile and great sense of humor.