Not that I’m not satisfied with my current home near Scottville, Michigan, but I’m always looking for that certain place within the Manistee National Forest to build my dream house. And this piece of land is on my high list. Of course, after this extremely hot summer, those fall leaves appear refreshing to say the least.

The actual house itself is not all that important to me but the land is. Darlene wants the house to be perfect but I need for the land to be that way. I need to build near water and it can either be a lake or river. I’ve always dreamed of stepping out my front door and being able to cast my rod into water within fifty feet. I revel in fishing on dry land. In that way your feet are always secure and fishing can be enjoyed it the maximum.

Well, this place will certainly be added to my number one list. The great thing is that within the confines of this national forest there are always better locales to come around the next bend. I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress.