Two Islands in View

This view was often taken in upon leaving the Big Bass Lake Store dock en route to the bridge to the Big Island. Always in view here was Grandma’s Hat Island which, over the years, has had her share of rename’s. How does Tiny im fit you? Or Loon Island?

Then again, The Big Island was first known as Waite Island when it was truly an island.  Prior to 1954 it too was separated from the mainland.  But Clyde Waite had a vision for his island having other people live on it and so a bridge was constructed in 1954. 

As the boys from the Hoffman Estates Boys Club rowed beneath the Waite Bridge, I gave them what history I knew of that island.  Over the span of years each of the five islands on Big Bass Lake have probably been called a number of things.  Each generation in turn provides them with new labels to run with. 

Grandma’s Hat, though, had that familiar pflume look to it with how her trees were arranged.  Now, there are largely bushes there but would tat not give it a Presidential look?

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