In the evening at Brookwood we would gather together as a family- or an extended family if my aunt and her gang were present; and we would enjoy pursuits that many today might think odd. But they were warm, cozy, family entertainments. No television, computers or cell phones. Dad might make up a batch of popcorn over the fire in the long-handled basket. We would sit around as a family and listen to tales of Dad’s interesting adventures. Or we might listen to songs he played on the crank operated Victrola. The kids might play checkers or read a book. There were a few games and toys to occupy us. I could literally sit for hours and watch the fire flicker. We would listen to the cozy drone of our parents in conversation, and it felt like home.

I miss those evenings now. I walk in my house after a long nights work and hear the television blaring in the living room, see my husband bent over the keyboard and find my daughter blasting her iPod or her own television in her room with the door open. They can’t seem to live without the noise and the electronic stimulation. I hide in my room, reading a book on my Kindle (yep, there’s those electronics again) and try to block out the cacophony of noises. And remember so fondly the days of peace we had at the cabin when I was young!