Big Bass Lake Boat Graveyard

Big Bass Lake has its own cemetary that people DO know about, that being Lakeview Cemetary on the southeast side of the lake but many are unaware of another cemetary close to the lake, that being a cemetary for rowboats. Now, you may not hear taps being sounded every time an old boat makes its way here but there are opportunities for a unusual flower garden that can resurrect some of these boats.

I wonder if our old rowboat made its way here as at one time John used his pontoon boat to drag our waterlogged old rowboat fifty yards from our pier to the public landing. Jack, the owner of the Big Bass Lake store at that time, and myself aided in that quest which turned out to be one long trip even though the distance covered was about a hundred yards. Once in the lake the boat nearly sunk making the travel difficult.

Is it a flower bed today? Or can it be found in that unique graveyard quite close to Big Bass Lake? Only the worms know for sure.

3 thoughts on “Big Bass Lake Boat Graveyard

  1. Kinda wonder when you were on my property taking these photos. And what makes you think that I want my yard made public??


  2. I found those pictures on the Internet as I do not live in the area now and have not been at BBL since 1994.


  3. Very neat picture of old boats… on private property, but easily seen from the public road that passes by the boats.


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