This Would NOT Be The Best Time For A Dip In Lake Michigan

Help From Heaven

For anyone with a desire to swim in Lake Michigan on this particular day would really need to hear a copy of Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life and Set Me Free” cause you will be set free to your eternal reward. Can you imagine the electrical impact that type of lightning would have on your person? “Like a Bolt out of the Blue” would be your swan song.

As for me I can wait another day to swim in Lake Michigan. On the other hand, if I stick around long enough, just imagine how many fried fish might float up to the surface and then I can tell my wife what a great fisherman I am. Nah, she already knows that. If I brought home too many she just might kill me. Of course, I’d be the one that would have to clean them all cause she doesn’t do that but I think I told you that before.

You know the only one that would take a dip in Lake Michigan under these conditions would be just that- A Dip!

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