It should be noted that the Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, was also the home for the Salesian Society of Brother’s and Priests, who occupied the fourth and fifth floor of our facility. Brother Gerald Warner was the Executive Director of the boys club and once when he was at a Boys Club of America conference at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a few of his fellow executive’s played a joke on him.

His good friend, Joe Kozo, was the Executive Director of the Detroit, Michigan, boys clubs. Joe, sensing the inner purity of Brother Gerald, cut out all the racy pictures out of every Playboy magazine in Brother Gerald’s quarters so when he opened his magazine there was only reading material. The rest had to come from Brother Gerald’s fertile imaginations. Needless to say, Brother Gerald was more than just a little surprised when he found all that out and even today that is a running joke at many conferences with all that knew Brother Gerald when he was active with Boys Clubs of America.

And, on a one-time interview with the Detroit Boys Club, I heard all that first hand from Joe Kozo himself. Of course, Brother Gerald had regaled me with that story many times before as well.  By the way our picture is of a boys club in Detroit, Michigan.