Fireworks Exploding Over Big Bass Lake

In the early 1970’s, the Marion YMCA boys were on a trip with me to our land and they were able to observe the 4th of July fireworks show from a rowboat just south of the Haunted Island. The southeast side of the lake was even then filled with boats of all sizes so it wasn’t prudent to watch the fireworks there. Besides the boys liked the solitude as they uttered their “Ooh’s and Ah’s“.

I remember how still the night air was on that trip and just a tad on the cool side but the boys enjoyed it ever so much.  It added a little variety to our camping trip.  Later we returned to our wooded beachfront and roasted hot dogs at the second firepit near the swamp.  We told each other ghost stories and had a grand time celebrating our version of the 4th of July.

The boys were impressed with the fireworks that we fired off over Big Bass Lake and even how long the program was.  They expected only a few salvo’s and were more than impressed.  So, what could be better than fireworks, hot dogs, and ghost stories on Independence Day?

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