My grandmother, Barbara Noreika, had a sister that I only met once. My grandmother’s maiden name was Letukas and her sister’s name was Francis. She seemed genuinely loving and kind. The two got along really good together. It was the only member of my grandmother’s family that I ever met, the remainder staying behind in Lithuania.

My Aunt Beth kept in touch with all my grandparents living relatives back in Lithuania but really didn’t share that information with anyone else in the family. In my brief conversation with Francis she didn’t really relate anything about the old country. The only thing I could comprehend was the relationship between her and my grandmother.

My Aunt Barb Baugh was also up at the farm during this time and she seemed to like Francis. The unusual thing about our family is on how tight lipped they were about the past. My father never talked about his childhood. In plain fact it is difficult to understand much about my family line because no one wanted to talk about their past.

It would seem that my grandfather, Joseph Noreika, was a very strict disciplinarian and allowed his children never to spreak English at home despite that is what they had learned in school. Lithuanian was the language of the farm.

Still it was interesting to at least meet one member of my grandmother’s own family. Perhaps painful memories of one’s childhood are better left silent. Francis Letukas passed away in 1991.