The Baugh’s and Irons Union Church

I personally can’t say much about the Irons Union Church since I’ve never been there. I’ve only “seen” it through the eyes of my Aunt Barbara who attended services there every summer they came to the farm each year. Along with my Uncle Willie I don’t think they ever missed a week.

However, now that Big Bass Lake itself has a church (Faith Fellowship Church) I often wonder if that would have been where they would have gone had it been up at that time?  Irons was not all that far away but the latter church was just around the corner from the old Big Bass Lake store just over a mile from our driveway. 

I do know that my Uncle Willie Baugh enjoyed the sermons of the Irons Union Church greatly and my Aunt Barb enjoyed the fellowship.  When I became a Christian in the 1080’s, I preferred the church that actor Lorne Greene once sang about.  “Oh the church where I worship is the wide open spaces, built by the hand of the Lord”!  My cathedral became our family forest where His greenery became decoration of his exterior church and where His voice spoke to me ever so plainly through His word.

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