Snowstorm on Big Bass Lake Road

In the midst of a sweltering summer with a long stretch of 90 degree plus temperatures in a row, it is nice to reflect on a scene like this on Big Bass Lake Road not that far north of Noreika Road.   A lone car seems to be out this day and it doesn’t need to be using his air-conditioner.  I wonder how long it would take that snow to melt on just one 100 degree day like we’re having this summer?

And how would that snow melt affect the drought that the midwest is suffering?  It does like wonderful right about now, doesn’t it?  Oh well, it will be coming again in about six months or so.  Then I’ll be deep in thought about all those 90 degree days and how nice that was.  Again,maybe NOT!

So, what’s better? A winter wonderland or hell’s fury?  And could you imagine waking up to this today?

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