Walking the Shoreline of Big Bass Lake

I fondly remember walking the shoreline of Big Bass Lake coming back from our mailbox. It was a preferable walk over that of taking our driveway which was always in the heat of he sun. The shaded pathway along the lake was far better. Of course you had to watch where you were going as tree roots embedded in the ground was always a problem.

Of course this was before the Public Landing was put in as that property was then owned by Frank Benish.  Our property ran along that line all the way to our pier and beyond.  Every now and then I would hear a frog leaping into the lake from a lily pad.  Just past our pier was too difficult to walk along the lake so you went up a hill and followed your own trail overlooking the lake past a lot of our old outbuildings. 

Once clear of them it was just you and the forest until it opened into a field just south of Al Matson’s cottage.  From that point forward Noreika Road followed the lake for about a quarter of a mile before it disappeared into our forest.  All in all it was a good hike to take every now and then to be close to the lake itself.  I always looked at it as a hike to gather one’s thoughts for the day.

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