Our Wooded Beach to the Haunted Island


In this photograph, in the upper left side, in red, was our wooded beach area and the island encircled in red was the Haunted Island. To its right is the Big Island and then even to its right is Grandma’s Hat, the tiny island some now call Loon Island.

As you can plainly see, the Haunted Island is largely forested as was our beach camping area. It was always in plain site from our camping area. When we visited that island we always docked on the central western side. The haunted house was located almost in the middle of that island in a small clearing surrounded by large pine trees.

What my Uncle Joe once called “The Pointe” would be on the eastern most area of that red circle on our wooded beach.

In the future more such maps will be presented of our former family farm and the surrounding area.

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