The First Haunted House on Haunted Island


When I was a young boy in the 1950’s I remember my dad telling me of another haunted house on the southwest shore of the Haunted Island which was then visible from our dock. It was quite close to that southwest shore. However that Haunted House was already mostly down with only one wall still standing.

I never actually made it out to the island to ever explore that house as I was way too young to get out there by myself and my dad never seemed too interested in having us both explore that area. We did row past it several times. In this picture you can’t even tell that anything ever existed there. But, then, this picture was taken in 2009 over 50 years from the time I remember that old house being there. As I remember that house then it would have been quite difficult to reach due to the dense underbrush all around it.

Yet it was nowhere near as scary as the haunted house that the majority of my boys club kids visited in the 1970’s. That was a true haunted house.

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